Pastors' Message

I'm glad that you have visited Lincoln Street Church’s website. I hope as you read about our worship and programs, about our commitment to children and community service that you will begin to get the sense of what a remarkable community Lincoln Street Church is.

Out on the signboard of the church reads the following statement: “Our church is a small, warm-hearted, and open-minded congregation. We come to this family of faith because, unlike many churches, we know that here our questions will be respected, our diversity will be embraced, and our own unique search for God will be encouraged. We welcome people of all ethnicities, income brackets, ecclesiastical traditions, and sexual orientations. Furthermore, since we believe that all language about God is allegorical, we use images of God which come from the width and breadth of creation.”

Perhaps you have seen this sign as you have walked by on the way up to Mt. Tabor Park. These commitments guide us in all we do. They preface our worship each Sunday. And they are a true reflection of the community gathered.

Lincoln Street Church is remarkable in the way it retains the best of Christianity while embracing various forms of worship and the wisdom from many faiths. It is inspirational in the way it does not shy away from difficult questions and issues. It is admirable in the way that it is guided by scripture reverently, but not doctrinally.

Elastic. The community bends, stretches and changes as new people with new ideas and skills grace our community.

I have been blessed to stand with and alongside this creative and exciting community for over a decade. Their gentle honesty and heartfelt questions have fed and guided my preaching so that together our worship is truly a shared conversation of respect and learning. Before coming to serve at Lincoln Street I worked as the protestant chaplain at Portland State University. I bring to our community the pastoral gifts I developed while working with a very diverse student and faculty body. I learned there, and continue to experience at Lincoln Street, the beauty of spiritual and religious diversity. Besides parish ministry I engage the world as the mother of two, as a long-term student in the enneagram, as a published author and as the wife of nurse/minister.

I hope that you will feel free to contact me – - if you have questions about the church. I would love to share about this great community!

And in the meanwhile, maybe I’ll see you around the neighborhood!

Elizabeth Winslea