Our Signs

Many visitors and new members comment that our signs are what first attracted them to Lincoln Street. In addition to the sign pictured above, there is a permanent sign at sidewalk level, which reflects our mission commitment. We also have a flyer box with content that changes frequently. We think it gives you a good flavor of the breadth of who we are as a community. We invite you to check it out!

Some of the signs that have appeared in the past:

Church should be about imagination, investigation, and introspection … not intimidation and indoctrination. We Share. We Learn. We Grow.

Regardless of Christian faith, or lack of it, wealth or poverty, politics or education, sexual orientation, race, marital state, age, class or gender . . . in this place none will be judged and all will be welcomed.

We support Biblical Marriage! One man – one woman, err, or one man – many women. Hmm, or is that one woman and a series of brothers. Then, again, there’s David and Jonathan. Aw, if it’s about love, we support it! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

We at Lincoln Street Church hope to celebrate this Fourth of July with more faith than fear, more compassion than judgment, and more humility than nationalism.

Peace Make $ense; Taxpayers in Oregon will pay $3.7 billion for the Iraq War through 2007. That same amount of money could have provided: 791,185 people with health care or 64,269 elementary school teachers or 22,730 affordable housing units or 654,228 scholarships for college students or 3,451,876 homes with renewable energy or . . . Let your representative know how you feel. (Data from the National Priorities Project www.nationalpriorities.org)

Faith is the antidote to nationalism. We celebrate America this week, yet pledge our allegiance to the God of compassion and humility.