We like to think of our Sunday gatherings as “Free Range Worship: Local, Fresh and Always 100% Organic.”

Although our pastor leads worship, we are a community that believes strongly that we are at our best when everyone contributes. Because of that, when you attend a service you will notice:

  • Children who feel comfortable being children and are celebrated as such
  • Regular opportunities to reflect on personal events, news items and scripture readings from around the world
  • Integration of the arts – occasional art, drama, dance, or instrumental music
  • Quiet moments of meditation and prayer
  • Great music and singing
  • And, of course, people of diverse ages, with much or little church experience, in married or unmarried relationship (expressing various sexual orientations), with divergent cultural, ethnic and educational backgrounds, coming together to share their sense of the holy and find joy in the wisdom of others.

We invite you to journey with us. Come check us out and see if we are the church home you have been looking for.

You can peruse sample sermons from our pastor, Elizabeth, in the list to the right.